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Potato Salad

 You will be able to make potato salad, a recipe from us. Add apples and carrots Drizzle with creamy salad dressing and a little pepper. Ingredients for Potato Salad. peeled potatoes (halved, diced) sliced ​​cucumber  sliced ​​onion  diced apple Sliced ​​carrots plain water Creamy Dressing  1 pinch of salt

Germinated brown rice water.

          Appease those who want to make natural flavored germinated brown rice water. Start by soaking the brown rice in water until the roots grow out. Then bring it to a boil with water until it boils. You can add salt and sugar to add flavor as

Spiral French Fries. 

 Let’s try to transform into a Spiral French Fries that looks cool. This recipe uses baking instead of frying. Add seasonings to mix with it. You don’t need to add more sauce and you’ll be fine. Ingredients for Spiral French Fries 3 large potatoes 2 teaspoons paprika powder

Almond milk.

     Prepare raw almonds and then make Almond Milk. Smells a little bland. It’s convenient to drink warm or drink cold. This menu it healthy for you. Ingredients.       1 cup almonds      Clean water (for soaking almonds)      4 cups

How to cook egg tarts in hot air oven

With 7 steps to cook hot air oven egg tarts. This will allow you to easily make this dish at home. To quickly become more skilled. You can cook this dish twice a week for at least 4 people to enjoy and evaluate. *You have to rest the

Mini Banana Pancakes

  For those of you who don’t like big pancakes. Why don’t you try make mini banana pancakes? Add oats and egg mixture. Add the baking powder and vanilla flavor. It goes well with strawberries. Let’s to cooking. Ingredients for mini banana pancakes. 1 banana 1/2 cup egg

Iced Lemon Soda

Iced Lemon Soda

When is the time to try iced lemon soda menu. Another popular brew menu The only ingredients are lemon and soda. Ingredients: Iced Lemon Soda granulated sugar water Squeezed lemon juice (or lemon juice) soda ice Intructions      1. Make syrup by adding sugar and water into

Banana Cream Cheese

Banana Cream Cheese

       Banana Cream Cheese Cake Without flour and sugar More delicious than ever.  Comes with homemade cream cheese recipe Certification is sweet, fragrant and not fat too.   For people who lose weight, want to invite you to make a healthy cake . It is a keto formula without any starch and sugar. A jar of

Almond Cake

Almond Cake

  Almond Cake is a simple cake, the world doesn’t have to be like this! Almond Cake. If you want to make a birthday cake for someone special, Taiwanese egg cake or chocolate cake would be normal, go to the jars dot com, we offer you how to make almond cake.  You can