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Potato Salad

 You will be able to make potato salad, a recipe from us. Add apples and carrots Drizzle with creamy salad dressing and a little pepper. Ingredients for Potato Salad. peeled potatoes (halved, diced) sliced ​​cucumber  sliced ​​onion  diced apple Sliced ​​carrots plain water Creamy Dressing  1 pinch of salt

Germinated brown rice water.

          Appease those who want to make natural flavored germinated brown rice water. Start by soaking the brown rice in water until the roots grow out. Then bring it to a boil with water until it boils. You can add salt and sugar to add flavor as

Seaweed clear soup

Seaweed clear soup

It would be good to get a hot menu. Admin has a menu of “Seaweed clear soup” stuffed with minced shrimp. So satisfying. Let’s see the ingredients and how to make it. Ingredients (for 2 – 3 servings) dried seaweed 1 sheet shrimp, coarsely chopped