Souness accuses Antonio Conte of swearing at him despite losing his job.

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Former Liverpool star Graeme Souness says Antonio Conte was right to criticize Spurs. Even if it meant losing his job.

The Italian boss always lashes out at the players and the club after games. Southampton 3-3. Although moving the score to 3-1 until finally leading to unemployment. But Souness thinks that Conte has done the right thing

“In the end Conte got it right, it comes back to the player.” Souness told the Daily Mail. But are they like that? I would have to say no. Because they didn’t win anything UFABET.

“And what is a great player? Is it someone who gathers people around them and makes them better? Or is it just being selfish and playing for yourself? as a manager You have no chance of success unless you have senior professional players. That won’t change. I recommend it. Your problem lies with Spurs.”

“Those characters help Antonio Conte. They do their own work for the manager in the dressing room. Because you can’t be great every week. They have a weak personality and drag them into difficult times of the season.

“I’m not sure Tottenham have players like that and it gives me the impression that they are asking for a senior professional to come in. What should they win? they are in london So there is no problem with attracting players. they pay wages They have the best football stadium in the world and I can’t say the training ground has to be any better.

“Everything is ready. They are the biggest unsuccessful team.