Manchester United spend £12m a year on a new Ten hag contract.

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Manchester United are about to offer manager Erik ten Hag a splendid reward: A wage increase in his new contract to £12m a year.

The Sun reports that Manchester United’s board of directors are satisfied with the performance. And the overall picture of Ten Hag’s work is very much. Therefore, plans to offer a new contract with a higher wages UFABET

News reports indicate that Wage figures in the new contract will jump to 12 million pounds per year. And extended the contract until 2028. Higher than the current contract received at 9 million pounds per year. It was the first contract signed last summer. When he joined from Ajax Amsterdam and runs until 2025.

However, the figure of 12 million pounds on the new contract. Still can’t compare with the wages that Manchester City pay Pep Guardiola £19m a year, Liverpool pay Jurgen Klopp £16m a year. Or in the past that Tottenham Hotspur paid Antonio Conte 15 million pounds a year.

Ten Hag performances so far have convinced Manchester United’s top management that he is the right person to lead the team forward. After winning the Carabao Cup, FA Cup semi-finals and Europa League quarter-finals. The Premier League has a good chance of winning tickets to next season’s Champions League.

For Manchester United, under the supervision of Erik ten Hag is doing a very hot job. There are four titles to win this season, however, Parker sees winning quotas to play in the UEFA Champions League is the most important thing