Iran denies reports Ronaldo may have beaten as false.

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The Iranian Embassy in Spain has strongly deny reports sports that. Cristiano Ronaldo may be sentence to 99 lashes for adultery.

Previously, Mundo Deportivo Citing a report from Iran. Lawyers in the country filed a complaint against Ronaldo. After a picture surface of him hugging Fatima Hamami. An international disable artist who had brought the picture while traveling to help al-Nasser in his war AFC Champions League with Persepolis.

This is an issue because the law prohibits men and women who are not husband and wife from touching each other. It was report that the Portugal international star would be flog 99 times the next time. He travel to Iran, but this has recently denied.

“We deny that any court order has issue to any foreign athletes in Iran.” the Iranian Embassy in Spain said in a statement.

“It is worrying that the dissemination of such untrue news will overshadow crimes against humanity. And war crimes commit in Palestine.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo will also travel to Iran on September 18-19 to play official football games. And was well received by the public and officials.”

“His sincere and humane meeting with Fatima Hamami has also highly praise and admire by the country’s citizens and sports officials.”