Howe was content to create a balanced set of Newcastle.

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Newcastle manager Eddie Howe is pleased with the overall build of the team so far. That this team combines with experienced football players and young stars perfectly.

Howe will lead the Newcastle United squad when they host Manchester United at St James’ Park on Sunday. They met again after the Carabao Cup final at Wembley Stadium. Which the Red Devils won 2-0.

Asked if the opposition will be without Carlos Casemiro suspended for Sunday’s game at St James’ Park. Howe commented on the Brazil international. “Experience is a really valuable tool.”

“One of the beauty of our squad this season. That we have a mix of experienced and young players. I think the ingredients are very important.”

“Of course, someone who is use to winning and has the mentality to go with that. It’s a very valuable thing. But usually With such experience and state of mind comes a price. And that’s the balance we have to get right.” UFABET

For the current UEFA Champions League ticket situation. Manchester United has 50 points from 26 games, ahead of Newcastle with 47 points from 26 games. Therefore, if Salika Dong wins. It will overtake. Immediately from the door has a superior interest.

“We felt we did well in the League Cup. final We try to think as positive as we can. And we had a good rhythm. Maybe the last two results (2-1 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers and 2-1 Nottingham Forest) could help us. So I’m very satisfied with the way we’ve been training to prepare the team.

“You have to move fast [from losing to Manchester United in the League Cup final]. I don’t think I can change that defeat and everyone was at that event. But I usually don’t get stuck on it. Because it’s in the past. And you have to keep going.