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Planes recruits Barcelona team to join Al-Ittihad.

Ramon Planes brings both sports psychologist and Barcelona management director to work at Al-Ittihad. Ramon Planes, Al-Ittihad’s new sporting director is set to recruit Barcelona staff to work in Saudi Arabia. Including sports psychologist Laya Benaisha and Frank Garbo, managing director. According to a report

Lyon launches Orban, new hope spearhead.

Olympique Lyonnais announced the signing of Gift Orban, a new striker who has officially joined the football team. Orban has signed a contract with Lyon until the summer of 2028 for €13 million. After an outstanding performance for Belgian side Ghent. Scoring 32 goals in

Rangers appoint Clement as new team manager.

Rangers have announced the appointment of Philippe Clement as their new football manager. Replacing Michael Beale who was fired two weeks ago. The Scottish Premiership club Rangers’ website has confirmed the appointment of Belgian coach Clement. Beal is the new manager of the Ibrox team after

Benefits of carrots ?

 Carrots are bright orange root vegetables packed with nutrition. We probably already know what are the health benefits of carrots. But if you want to delve into the benefits for women’s health, then Many people may not know yet. Therefore, we took the good benefits of carrots for women’s

The benefits of pandan.

The benefits of pandan seem to go far beyond just adding color and aroma to food. Because of the information below Made me realize. That the properties are as good in terms of health as other medicinal herbs. Nourishes the nerves, relieves exhaustion.           Drink 2 glasses

Diseases that prohibit eating too much garlic Who should avoid?

          This group of people should be wary of eating excessive amounts of garlic , including garlic extract. Because it may affect the following disease. People who are allergic to garlic Both people who are allergic to smell and allergies to substances. People with gastritis Because garlic

Mulberry a benefits outstanding in health.

          As well as relatives in the Berry family Mulberry is a fruit that has many health benefits. Because of the nutritional value that is packed in the dark color. And the sweet and sour taste is right in the mouth. It can also be eaten in many forms. Including