The benefits of pandan.

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The benefits of pandan seem to go far beyond just adding color and aroma to food. Because of the information below Made me realize. That the properties are as good in terms of health as other medicinal herbs.

Nourishes the nerves, relieves exhaustion.

          Drink 2 glasses juice a day, morning and afternoon. It will help the existing exhaustion disappear. Because pandan leaves have a tonic and nervous system effect. can make you feel more energetic.

Nourish the heart, reduce blood pressure

          Pandan leaves are herbs that have properties in nourishing the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, high blood pressure patients can boil to drink in the morning and evening. UFABET So that pandan leaves can help adjust blood pressure levels to be within the normal range.

Cure diabetes         

The stems and roots leaves have diuretic and diuretic properties. Because have the effect of lowering blood sugar levels by bringing 1 handful of roots to boil as drinking water every morning-evening

To treat measle.,         

Measles symptoms and skin diseases can be treated with leaves. You just need to roughly pound the pandan leaves and then apply it on the skin. Leaves will help detoxify germs and viruses that are on the skin.

Alleviates joint and rheumatoid arthritis.

          Pandan leaves are cool. Has properties to relieve pain of joints and bones. especially rheumatoid arthritis How to use it, just bring 3 fresh pandan leaves and wash it clean. Then chop until finely mixed with a little coconut oil, stir well and store in a container with a tight lid. Used as an ointment to relieve pain and inflammation of the joints.