Foods or food ingredients that contain trans fats include.

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Trans fats is one of the types of fats, which are 3 types: saturated fat, unsaturated fat and trans fat. Which has the main component of unsaturated fatty acids with a trans structure food.

White butter, margarine, artificial cream, sweetened condensed cream. (commonly used in making desserts and mixing in various drinks in place of fresh butter, real cream, or pure sweetened condensed milk). Therefore, we find foods that are high in trans fat in Western desserts. Such as cookies, cakes, donuts, whipped cream, pies, various crispy snacks, various fast foods, various drinks, and foods. That contain all of the above mentioned ingredients UFABET  

In addition, if you think that you can flip to look at the ingredients from the nutritional value table on the product. Even if you find that there is Trans Fat as 0. It does not mean that the food does not have any trans fat at all. Because the manufacturer takes advantage of the loophole in the limitation of numbers on the packaging label. That if the amount of that ingredient is less than 1 gram. That is, from 0.9 grams onwards. The number can be rounded down to 0 without having to show a decimal point.

Therefore, many products may have up to 0.9 grams of trans fat per 1 serving. If the product is packaged and shows. That the entire food has 2 servings, meaning that it must be divided into 2 servings. It means that we may be at risk of consuming up to 1.8 grams (if we eat the whole bag/box by ourselves). Even though the product label shows that there are 0 grams.