Almond milk.

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     Prepare raw almonds and then make Almond Milk. Smells a little bland. It’s convenient to drink warm or drink cold. This menu it healthy for you.


      1 cup almonds
      Clean water (for soaking almonds)
      4 cups boiled water
      2- Honey 2- 3 tsp
      1/4 tsp vanilla
      Strawberry crisps

How to make .

     1. Soak almonds in clean water for at least 8 hours (or overnight).
     2. Strain the water in which the almonds are soaked only almond seeds (Plump pills). Put into the blender jar. Add boiled water to room temperature. Blend UFABET all ingredients until smooth. (The water will look like white. Thick like milk and have almond residue lying on the bottom of the blender jar)

     3. Bring to filter through a colander. (Or put some white cloth first and then squeeze out all the juice. (The almond pulp should be kept for making flour-free cookies. If you can’t eat all at once. Can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days) Almond milk will be tasteless. Fragrant and oily. If you like it sweet. You can add honey. Or add vanilla to taste as you like.
     4. Pour almond milk into a cup with cornflakes. Crispy Strawberry And pour a little more honey