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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Thai tea custard bread

Thai tea custard bread

       Thai tea custard bread Start with making bread dough and bake it until it is cooked. Finally, squeeze the Thai custard filling into it. Thai tea custard ingredients 8 tablespoons of Thai tea powder 200 ml water Unsweetened Condensed Milk 440 g. 4 eggs 100 grams

coffee bun

Coffee Bun

who like coffee-flavored snacks with a coffee bun menu. Two layers of bread stuffed with butter Squeeze the coffee cream on top and bake it until it is cooked. Coffee Bun ingredients  300 grams of bread flour 1/2 tsp Mplex additive (optional) 1/2 teaspoon salt 50 grams

microwave garlic bread

Microwave garlic bread

           Who doesn’t have an oven? Let’s try microwave garlic bread. Rub the garlic butter mixture over the bread slices. Finally put it in the microwave. Microwave recipe garlic bread ingredients French toast, 1 row 200g unsalted butter (set aside until softened) Garlic, minced 20 g 1/4 teaspoon

Garlic Bread Dinner Rolls

Garlic Bread Dinner Rolls

     Let’s continue with Garlic Bread Dinner Rolls, the additive formula. Breaded beef with garlic powder and parsley Top with melted butter. Garlic Bread Dinner Roll Ingredients 50 grams of sugar 1 teaspoon yeast Warm milk 125 g 1 egg All-purpose wheat flour 275 g 1/2 teaspoon Emplex