The sound of orgasm – What does it mean when she’s loud?


A lot of men are usually surprised how loud can their female partners moan and groan during orgasm with a vibrator. Dear men, the volume doesn’t mean anything, so don’t worry and forget about the ridiculous theory that vibrator is better than you becauseshe’s experiencing stronger orgasms with it. The truth is somewhere else.

Silent orgasms can be more powerful than the loud ones

Given that the female orgasm is a little more complicated and that it’s, in fact, invisible, it is possible to get confused with so many body signals. It’s very hard for a man to know with certainty when woman is faking an orgasm and when it’s real, unless he really knows his partner and her body, but it’s almost impossible to decipher the intensity of orgasm she’s experiencing. If your partner is barely audibleduring orgasm, and the next time she’s groaning like crazy, it doesn’t mean that her second orgasm was stronger than the first one. Actually, sometimes the most powerful orgasms are those that paralyze her whole body, silencing her voice and making her breathing heavy. Moaning comes after vaginal spasms.

Loud moaningworks as an aphrodisiac

Some men believe that the volume of women’s moaning during sex just shows how good lovers they are. The louder she is – the more secure they feel in bed. This is exactly what helps porn actors to stay focused,because their partner’s loud groaningimitates the atmosphere of a good banging and assures the audience she’s enjoying every second of it. We can’t disagree, loud moaning and loud orgasmsin general have a certain charm, and not only for men. Believe it or not, some women enjoy listening to their own moaning during sex because it makes them extra horny, and that’s exactly why they’re being loudwhen experiencing orgasm.

Quiet orgasms may have something to do with past

The woman who has experienced orgasms in silence for most of her life, either while masturbating or with her partner, might find it very difficult to become noisy in these situations, no matter where and how aroused she is. But men should definitely know that, in most cases, women need a little boost if there’s a great desire to heartheir loud moaning during orgasm. In fact, it may be that your partner never had the possibility to experience a relaxed (and loud)orgasm in the past, and the most common reason for this is the constant presence of other people in the house, for example, parents, roommates etc.It’s also a common case that the cause for quiet orgasms lies in a strict upbringing, especially when it comes to discussions aboutintimacy and sexuality. If sex was presented as something dirty, or sinfulat an early age, there is a high probability that woman will experience her orgasms in silence, trying to hide the feeling of shame or even sadness.

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