How to enjoy oral sex – A quick guide for women

oral sex guide

Women often criticize men about their skills in cunnilingus, but many of them forget about their own problems regarding oral sex and mistakes they make. Believe it or not, a lot of women don’t want to shave their vagina at all, for example. Let’s take a look at some of the women’s most common negative feelings about oral sex and how to try to change them.

Is cunnilingus repulsive to you?

The very small percentage of such cases may be caused by certain physical difficulties, like sensitive clitoris, but in most cases the root of this problem is in dissatisfaction with your own body and, especially genitalia which might seem sinful and dirty, and thought it’s okay to touch it with fingers, it sure isn’tacceptable for someone to touch it with mouth. This feeling of repulsion can be very stubborn and you may need to seek professional help to overcome it. But if you’re reading this – you’re on a right track. Try to confront that negative feeling reading medical and popular literature about sexuality, from which you can move on to erotic literature, and all the while practice masturbation. You will eventually feel the desire to try cunnilingus.

Are you afraid to try cunnilingus?

Fear might be the feeling that comes after you’ve dealed with repulsion,as it normally allows the existence of desire, but still holds you backin a negative belief that, for example, your partner would not like your vagina, or maybe that you’ll humiliate your partner by asking him to lick it. Men find the scent of a clean, healthy woman’s genitals very exciting and sexy, so you shouldn’t worry it becauseit’s delicious. To overcome fear also try masturbation immediately after shower, or during shower using your fingers. To ensure that you really smell nice (and delicious), check the smell (and taste when you get brave enough) of your fingers while you are still aroused, but before you reach an orgasm. You might not feel anything, but that smell is one of the oldest and strongest aphrodisiacs for men since prehistoric times.

Being ashamed of your vagina?

So, you like the idea of oral sex, you’re not afraid and your partner is up for it, but you feel ashamed of your large, asymmetric labia which he will have to deal with at a really close range? They all look so  small, tight,clean shaved and hygienic in porn movies! Even if your labia is big (or at least that’s what you think), this can be “fixed” with routine intervention that is completely safe. It would be a lot better for you if you just accept your body as it is, especially your carefully crafted and fragile vagina. If it’s any different than those accepted by mainstream porn aesthetics, you should feel proud because it’s just another proof that you’re special. Porn is nothing close to reality, don’t forget!

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