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“There are sex toys you can use for solo play, for couples, for men and women, but this is the first toy for adults that will never fail to please everyone, anyhow. Our toys are aiming to awaken your imagination in bed, in all possible ways,” said Mauricio Garcia from PicoBong, the latest brand to fall under the umbrella of Lelo worldwide. Their design is very authentic and original, so if you’re into more colorful plastic and silicone-based toys that really look like something you just have to play with, PicoBong’s adult products would be an excellent choice.

 PicoBong Transformer – The world’s first gender-neutral sex toy

Transformer is the first sex toy intended for pleasure of both sexes, and the manufacturers claim that it is “nothing less perverse than your imagination.” It isbasically designedto change how you look at sex toys, because it reallydoesn’t look quite like any other sex toy on the market. Transformertwists and bends so you can use it any way you want, and it is advertised as “millions of sex toys in one”. Fully coated with silicone, 100% skin safe and hygienic, this double ended dildo costs about $ 129 and is composed of two vibrating ends, which are connected by flexible “braid”, so you can easily make the shapes you want. It has 10 modes of adjustable vibration and two motors, one for each end. The product is described as a “clitoral massager, cock ring, G-spotstimulator… perfect for her and him, but also for all other possible combinations.” It sure looks like you can use it for everything!

Other PicoBong products that you should check out

Kaya™ Rabbit Vibe is offering an intense wave of pleasure during outdoor and deep internal stimulation at the same time. Kaya™ has a double engine, which will surely double your enjoyment, it’s perfectly shaped for G-spot stimulation on one side, while its other flexible end is great for external stimulation.

Mahana™ 2 has an innovative design and this duo-vibrator now has twice the power in both directions with 2 motors inside. You can choose them to vibrate synchronously or independently. Moka™ is made for thorough G-spot stimulation, thanks to its dynamic curves and flattened top. Ipo™ 2 has a twice more powerful engine than its predecessor, and it acts as a mini-power plantfull of immense energy. With itswild performance powered by only one AAA battery, Ipo™ 2 is silent, waterproof and it’s very popular on the market.Honi™ Bullet Vibe is among their smallest products, it’s cheap and designed for intense clitoral stimulation. It’s simple shape makes it ideal for all sorts of pleasures,plus it can fit in your pocket. PicoBong is also manufacturinghigh-quality handcuffs, unlike those Chinese products you can usually find in regular sex shops. These cufflinks are very strong and durable, made from 100% super-soft neoprene and padded for better comfort.

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