How to check her out without looking like a creep

check her out

It’s obviously clear that guys can’t help but check out every girl in their presence, but thanks to these tips maybe they won’t seem like complete perverts while doing it.

If you must, stare when she’s not looking

We know how hard it is to resist the temptation of looking at her cleavage while talking to her. You just stand there waiting for the right moment and you hear only “Look down, man! You won’t be able to continue the conversation until you look down”. But you have to wait. If you really want to check out her attributes – do it when she’s looking away. This is the best way because you can see everything you want and afterwards you can continue the conversation without her knowing that you’re a pervert. Perhaps you think you can do it discreetly while she’s talking, but remember – girls are very aware of their body and if you look down they WILL know.

Remind yourself how old you are while staring

If you’re trying to figure out what this is all about, we’ll help you. If you’re 30 years old and still haven’t figured out how to discreetly check out sexy women – don’t do it. Because, remember, the goal is to enjoy all the wonderful attributes of a woman’s body without looking like a horny teenager.

Wear sunglasses

Now is the right time to do this and save a bit of self-respect. What the girl can’t see probably won’t not disturb her. Really dark shades are your best choice. And binoculars, but that’s another story.

If you really want to stare – don’t overdo it

Pay attention to how long you’ve been looking at her, and definitely do your best not to look like you want to jump her any second. If she’s not looking your way and doesn’t seem to be interested in you at all, stop looking at her chest, legs or whenever. There’s absolutely no need to think that the extra stare will somehow change her opinion. Just move on and keep your pride.

For how long should you stare and still not look like an idiot?

This is a delicate question. For you, half an hour might look like five minutes, but for her it’s like five hours, especially if she doesn’t like you. Do you expect to see something different on her breasts each time you look at them? Just take one look and chill out.

Don’t die a virgin

Each of us probably have that friend who just won’t stop checking out all the ladies in the club, fantasizing about kinky stuff he’d like to do with them, and sometimes sharing these fantasies with others. In his opinion, that’s probably fun, but if you ask the girls – he’ll die a virgin. Don’t be that guy. Follow these guidelines and make the world a better place for everyone.

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