Things you definitely shouldn’t put in your anus


Despite popular belief, your anus isn’t just a hole – your anus is a sensitive, magical part of the intestine that helps your body stay clean and working. If you’re for any reason thinking about putting something in it(like the best anal toys), we bring you a list of things that you should avoid. This may look like a joke, but you wouldn’t believe how many people will (hopefully) understand it as a guide.

  1. Nutella – Sticky yummy substances are always better on pancakes and bread. Otherwise, your anus might get “blocked”.


  1. Toothpaste (not gel) – Don’t ever, ever put any toothpaste in your butt. Sure it smells nice, but it stings like the devil.


  1. Balloon – No, there’s absolutely no way you can put a balloon inside your anus, even if you’re used to having monstrous gases.


  1. Coins – Too dirty. Besides, there are better places where you can keep your money, for example, in the bank.


  1. Petrol lighter – It’s flammable, and you (probably) don’t work in the circus… Better forget it until you get hired to put your farts on fire in a safe environment.


  1. Animals – Do not put hamsters, guinea pigs or other animals in your anus. It’s stupid, it hurts, and it’s inhumane.


  1. Legos – We know they’re colorful and hard to resist, but they’re too rough on the edges.


  1. Gummy bears – This will definitely clog your backdoor entrance. Eat them instead.


  1. Crayons – Drawing with wax crayons is fun, but just like we teach children not to put them in the nose, adults should also keep in mind that not all things which are one inch long are intended to go into their anus. To name one of the reasons – crayons can easily break.


  1. Cigarettes – There’s no point in ruining expensive cigarettes, and everyone knows that asshole is a non-smoker by default.


  1. Cocaine – Nope, sorry, you can’t get high through your anus. At least with cocaine, that is. If that was possible, the whole world would have probably looked a lot different.


  1. Mobile Phone – While it can be really annoying sometimes, the solution isn’t shoving it where the sun doesn’t shine. But there are some cool vibration apps which you can download and use your phone for external stimulation.


  1. Any sex toy that’s been made in China – Since you’re reading this, we assume that you are a person of taste who appreciates good quality. Therefore, it’s definitely better to buy something from well-known manufacturers, because Chinese products are the worst. If you want to be a pervert – do it with style and confidence.


  1. Bananas – This could work, but just think about where that poor banana has been? It’s certainly not hygienic even if you put a condom on it. Plus, it’s too soft for penetration, or at least that how we feel about it.


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How to check her out without looking like a creep

check her out

It’s obviously clear that guys can’t help but check out every girl in their presence, but thanks to these tips maybe they won’t seem like complete perverts while doing it.

If you must, stare when she’s not looking

We know how hard it is to resist the temptation of looking at her cleavage while talking to her. You just stand there waiting for the right moment and you hear only “Look down, man! You won’t be able to continue the conversation until you look down”. But you have to wait. If you really want to check out her attributes – do it when she’s looking away. This is the best way because you can see everything you want and afterwards you can continue the conversation without her knowing that you’re a pervert. Perhaps you think you can do it discreetly while she’s talking, but remember – girls are very aware of their body and if you look down they WILL know.

Remind yourself how old you are while staring

If you’re trying to figure out what this is all about, we’ll help you. If you’re 30 years old and still haven’t figured out how to discreetly check out sexy women – don’t do it. Because, remember, the goal is to enjoy all the wonderful attributes of a woman’s body without looking like a horny teenager.

Wear sunglasses

Now is the right time to do this and save a bit of self-respect. What the girl can’t see probably won’t not disturb her. Really dark shades are your best choice. And binoculars, but that’s another story.

If you really want to stare – don’t overdo it

Pay attention to how long you’ve been looking at her, and definitely do your best not to look like you want to jump her any second. If she’s not looking your way and doesn’t seem to be interested in you at all, stop looking at her chest, legs or whenever. There’s absolutely no need to think that the extra stare will somehow change her opinion. Just move on and keep your pride.

For how long should you stare and still not look like an idiot?

This is a delicate question. For you, half an hour might look like five minutes, but for her it’s like five hours, especially if she doesn’t like you. Do you expect to see something different on her breasts each time you look at them? Just take one look and chill out.

Don’t die a virgin

Each of us probably have that friend who just won’t stop checking out all the ladies in the club, fantasizing about kinky stuff he’d like to do with them, and sometimes sharing these fantasies with others. In his opinion, that’s probably fun, but if you ask the girls – he’ll die a virgin. Don’t be that guy. Follow these guidelines and make the world a better place for everyone.

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PicoBong – Unique design and guaranteed pleasure


“There are sex toys you can use for solo play, for couples, for men and women, but this is the first toy for adults that will never fail to please everyone, anyhow. Our toys are aiming to awaken your imagination in bed, in all possible ways,” said Mauricio Garcia from PicoBong, the latest brand to fall under the umbrella of Lelo worldwide. Their design is very authentic and original, so if you’re into more colorful plastic and silicone-based toys that really look like something you just have to play with, PicoBong’s adult products would be an excellent choice.

 PicoBong Transformer – The world’s first gender-neutral sex toy

Transformer is the first sex toy intended for pleasure of both sexes, and the manufacturers claim that it is “nothing less perverse than your imagination.” It isbasically designedto change how you look at sex toys, because it reallydoesn’t look quite like any other sex toy on the market. Transformertwists and bends so you can use it any way you want, and it is advertised as “millions of sex toys in one”. Fully coated with silicone, 100% skin safe and hygienic, this double ended dildo costs about $ 129 and is composed of two vibrating ends, which are connected by flexible “braid”, so you can easily make the shapes you want. It has 10 modes of adjustable vibration and two motors, one for each end. The product is described as a “clitoral massager, cock ring, G-spotstimulator… perfect for her and him, but also for all other possible combinations.” It sure looks like you can use it for everything!

Other PicoBong products that you should check out

Kaya™ Rabbit Vibe is offering an intense wave of pleasure during outdoor and deep internal stimulation at the same time. Kaya™ has a double engine, which will surely double your enjoyment, it’s perfectly shaped for G-spot stimulation on one side, while its other flexible end is great for external stimulation.

Mahana™ 2 has an innovative design and this duo-vibrator now has twice the power in both directions with 2 motors inside. You can choose them to vibrate synchronously or independently. Moka™ is made for thorough G-spot stimulation, thanks to its dynamic curves and flattened top. Ipo™ 2 has a twice more powerful engine than its predecessor, and it acts as a mini-power plantfull of immense energy. With itswild performance powered by only one AAA battery, Ipo™ 2 is silent, waterproof and it’s very popular on the market.Honi™ Bullet Vibe is among their smallest products, it’s cheap and designed for intense clitoral stimulation. It’s simple shape makes it ideal for all sorts of pleasures,plus it can fit in your pocket. PicoBong is also manufacturinghigh-quality handcuffs, unlike those Chinese products you can usually find in regular sex shops. These cufflinks are very strong and durable, made from 100% super-soft neoprene and padded for better comfort.

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The sound of orgasm – What does it mean when she’s loud?


A lot of men are usually surprised how loud can their female partners moan and groan during orgasm with a vibrator. Dear men, the volume doesn’t mean anything, so don’t worry and forget about the ridiculous theory that vibrator is better than you becauseshe’s experiencing stronger orgasms with it. The truth is somewhere else.

Silent orgasms can be more powerful than the loud ones

Given that the female orgasm is a little more complicated and that it’s, in fact, invisible, it is possible to get confused with so many body signals. It’s very hard for a man to know with certainty when woman is faking an orgasm and when it’s real, unless he really knows his partner and her body, but it’s almost impossible to decipher the intensity of orgasm she’s experiencing. If your partner is barely audibleduring orgasm, and the next time she’s groaning like crazy, it doesn’t mean that her second orgasm was stronger than the first one. Actually, sometimes the most powerful orgasms are those that paralyze her whole body, silencing her voice and making her breathing heavy. Moaning comes after vaginal spasms.

Loud moaningworks as an aphrodisiac

Some men believe that the volume of women’s moaning during sex just shows how good lovers they are. The louder she is – the more secure they feel in bed. This is exactly what helps porn actors to stay focused,because their partner’s loud groaningimitates the atmosphere of a good banging and assures the audience she’s enjoying every second of it. We can’t disagree, loud moaning and loud orgasmsin general have a certain charm, and not only for men. Believe it or not, some women enjoy listening to their own moaning during sex because it makes them extra horny, and that’s exactly why they’re being loudwhen experiencing orgasm.

Quiet orgasms may have something to do with past

The woman who has experienced orgasms in silence for most of her life, either while masturbating or with her partner, might find it very difficult to become noisy in these situations, no matter where and how aroused she is. But men should definitely know that, in most cases, women need a little boost if there’s a great desire to heartheir loud moaning during orgasm. In fact, it may be that your partner never had the possibility to experience a relaxed (and loud)orgasm in the past, and the most common reason for this is the constant presence of other people in the house, for example, parents, roommates etc.It’s also a common case that the cause for quiet orgasms lies in a strict upbringing, especially when it comes to discussions aboutintimacy and sexuality. If sex was presented as something dirty, or sinfulat an early age, there is a high probability that woman will experience her orgasms in silence, trying to hide the feeling of shame or even sadness.

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How to enjoy oral sex – A quick guide for women

oral sex guide

Women often criticize men about their skills in cunnilingus, but many of them forget about their own problems regarding oral sex and mistakes they make. Believe it or not, a lot of women don’t want to shave their vagina at all, for example. Let’s take a look at some of the women’s most common negative feelings about oral sex and how to try to change them.

Is cunnilingus repulsive to you?

The very small percentage of such cases may be caused by certain physical difficulties, like sensitive clitoris, but in most cases the root of this problem is in dissatisfaction with your own body and, especially genitalia which might seem sinful and dirty, and thought it’s okay to touch it with fingers, it sure isn’tacceptable for someone to touch it with mouth. This feeling of repulsion can be very stubborn and you may need to seek professional help to overcome it. But if you’re reading this – you’re on a right track. Try to confront that negative feeling reading medical and popular literature about sexuality, from which you can move on to erotic literature, and all the while practice masturbation. You will eventually feel the desire to try cunnilingus.

Are you afraid to try cunnilingus?

Fear might be the feeling that comes after you’ve dealed with repulsion,as it normally allows the existence of desire, but still holds you backin a negative belief that, for example, your partner would not like your vagina, or maybe that you’ll humiliate your partner by asking him to lick it. Men find the scent of a clean, healthy woman’s genitals very exciting and sexy, so you shouldn’t worry it becauseit’s delicious. To overcome fear also try masturbation immediately after shower, or during shower using your fingers. To ensure that you really smell nice (and delicious), check the smell (and taste when you get brave enough) of your fingers while you are still aroused, but before you reach an orgasm. You might not feel anything, but that smell is one of the oldest and strongest aphrodisiacs for men since prehistoric times.

Being ashamed of your vagina?

So, you like the idea of oral sex, you’re not afraid and your partner is up for it, but you feel ashamed of your large, asymmetric labia which he will have to deal with at a really close range? They all look so  small, tight,clean shaved and hygienic in porn movies! Even if your labia is big (or at least that’s what you think), this can be “fixed” with routine intervention that is completely safe. It would be a lot better for you if you just accept your body as it is, especially your carefully crafted and fragile vagina. If it’s any different than those accepted by mainstream porn aesthetics, you should feel proud because it’s just another proof that you’re special. Porn is nothing close to reality, don’t forget!

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